Whether you like it or not, welcome to the new world!

Whether you like it or not, welcome to the new world!

Those who had hoped to be able to attend world-famous events, such as 2020 @TechCrunch Disrupt, will be delighted. Many, if not all, events scheduled for this year are now happening online. Read more here.

And this trend of digitalization can also be felt in the startup scene. The startups that rely on innovations receive more and more recognition and attention from the public. Here an example.

Whether this is good news or not, everyone has to decide for themselves. Meanwhile more and more people in Germany return back from home office and have to commute to work every day. In this situation it becomes clear that Public transport is the place where innovations are needed fast.

It is understandable that users are reluctant to squeeze into a crowded bus or subway. There, the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus increases. Of course, the processes of the ÖVP have to be digitized and the ÖVP itself also needs an update.

Of course, voice assistants can be one of the possible ways to bring those innovations. And in fact, there are already talks about such and other possibilities. For example during events hosted by @Chatbotsummit. Here is the link to the event.

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