embidio Nano

Ideal for series production of new innovative smart products.

The NextGen processor and the compact design of the embidio Nano provide universal and reliable voice assistance and are therefore ideal for new developments. The embidio Hub allows you to test possible applications of voice assistance beforehand and to adapt the system to your needs and validate it in pilot tests.

embidio Nano

Ready for the crowd

The compact and powerful embidio Nano is easy to integrate and enables cost-effective series production with its wide range of functions.

Due to its small dimensions, it is easy to integrate and offers numerous interfaces for recording with up to 8 microphones, as well as stereo playback via loudspeakers. Visual and hardware-based security functions can be realized through the connections for LEDs and buttons. In combination with our development kit embidio Hub, the embidio Nano can be individually adapted to the target application by software modules.

Up to 77% more flexibility

The minimal design of embidio Nano and the innovative technology ensure universal start of serial production and flexible use for any targeted product. With dimensions of only 24mm X 50mm and a low weight of less than 10g, the voice module can be integrated into even the smallest products.

The embidio Nano is compatible with all embidio hardware products and can be extended with the conhive Dashboard at any time.

Hardware specifications

embidio Nano has an ultra compact design for the development of a modern voice control system and is therefore ideal for mass production.

Microphones 8x digital I2S or PDM Microphones
Speaker Stereo Output
Dimensions 50 x 24.0 mm
Signal Processing Integrated
Microphones 8x digital I2S or PDM Microphones
Speaker 2 x 4W (Audio Outputs)


USB 1 x USB 2.0
I2C 2 x I2C
Power 1 x 5V & 3V3


Headline Gaining Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), speech Intelligibility and percepted signal quality to optimize user experience
32Bit Fixed Point Arithmethics Obtaining of low quantization errors and high SNR
Spatial focussing algorithms Ability of targeted sound recording (beamforming) and generation (directional sound radiation)
DCF Direct Current Filter: Suppression of low-frequency noise signals and cancellation of direct current components
LES Late Echo Suppression: Attenuation of echo effects for sound recordings in rooms
AGC Automatic Gain Control: Self-adaptive optimization of acoustic signals amplitude- and dynamic range
AES Acoustic Echo Suppression: Inter-device acoustic crosstalk suppression for lowering e.g. double-talk effects
NR Background Noise Reduction: Self-adaptive suppression of stationary Noise effects
CN Comfort Noise Generator (Suppress Signal processing Artifacts with intelligend acoustic masking effects)
EQ Fixed and parametrized Equalizers for optimizing of sound generation / listener experience
LAL Lookahead / Brickwall Limiter: Individual setting and controlling the acoustic transducers working range


Linux yes
Windows yes
MacOS yes


Dimensions (W x L) 155 x 78 mm
Weight 19,9 g
Power Supply 5V DC
Current consumption avg. 90mA / max. 2A
Temperature range 0°C to 70°C

The management platform for all IoT devices

Conhive is a cloud-based device management platform for your IoT devices and voice assistance. It helps you to remotely control and manage your IoT devices and makes it easy to monitor sensor data and changes in real time in one place, thanks to structured graphics and notifications.

The ready-to-use voice assistant for your pilot tests

The pre-configured voice assistant forms an ideal basis for an uncomplicated and quick start of new ideas and projects, which can be validated by pilot tests. The embidio system is directly ready for use due to the connection to the conhive platform and a pre-installed wakeword.

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