Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other related innovative technologies are just at the beginning of their application in healthcare. Recent studies have shown that if artificial intelligence applied right it can serve better than a human in healthcare. Many healthcare tasks will be executed better with AI such as diagnosing diseases. The best guess is that there could be years before AI replaces humans for medical processes. In this article, we will review the latest AI development in healthcare and what’s the market’s response.

AI Application in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has many different technological types and most of these devices find immediate influence in the healthcare field of work. On the other hand, AI is still not capable to handle specific and complex processes. To illustrate some of them we know we will preview some of the most interesting types.

  • Conversational Language Processing

That would be the main goal of artificial intelligence since the 1950s. AI language processing is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) application included in many technological devices with text analysis, recognition, translation, and more.

The natural applications of NLP in healthcare include the classification, creation, and understanding of clinical research documentation. Natural language processing is capable of analyzing structured data and clinical notes on complex patient reports. This way they can receive complicated data and output it with conversation AI.

  • Rule Expert Systems

Rule Expert Systems are a collection of “If-then” programming functions that were dominating the technology of artificial intelligence back in the 1980s. Devices like this were adopted by the healthcare industry most commonly for “clinical decision support”. Nowadays there are still many Electronic Health Records (EHR) providers assisting in healthcare with their rule execution capabilities.

  • Machine Learning AI

In machine learning, there is a statistical technique that fits models into the data by “learning”. It is one of the most common types of AI and in healthcare, the most common application is learning treatment contexts and protocols. The circumstances in each project are unpredictable and trying to learn data that has a solution in each possible outcome is hard, but not impossible. Machine learning AI already has proven its capabilities in the healthcare field of work and market and it is already an active aspect in many projects.

  • AI Robotics

More than 200,000 industrial robotic systems are installed around the world each year. Robots can perform and complete pre-designed daily tasks including repositioning, assembling, and welding. Robots became collaborative with humans and their application in healthcare is in operations requiring extreme precision. For example, this innovative technology is used in surgical procedures such as prostate surgery, gynecologic surgery, neck, and head surgery.

Healthcare AI Customer Approach

Speaking of healthcare, the majority will probably never completely trust the technology for such a complex and important data input with customers. The healthcare chatbots are using AI, for example, the 2020 COVID-19 has stimulated many AI developers to introduce an input-based chatbots gathering data from potential COVID patients. However, this input has proven significant results in mass collecting data but the accuracy will never be good enough in order for this technology to be the main data collection aspect in a pandemic.

All this tells us that AI chatbots and AI overall position is in a purgatory state in which any innovation may be the key for complete implementation on the customer market and complex healthcare.

Customer’s trust is not an easy thing to earn, especially for healthcare companies that introduce AI in their treatment. People are still not confident enough and prefer old methods. Another point of view is that the customers are guarded when it comes to their personal health details and data, just like the personal info. This is great but the majority is still concerned to share personal info on the internet. Looking through this scope, AI chat robots are online and even if they are trustworthy to secure the data, the customer’s trust is still an issue.

Many industries recorded an increased level of online orders and a decrease in their physical facility sales. With voice, assistance will be possible to buy daily consumables from the nearest grocery store by just calling to a voice assistant that will initiate delivery to your door. The important aspect is to handle the customers quickly, safely, and efficiently. For the first time, we have such an advantage thanks to the voice assistant, which provides us with the ability to adapt in pandemic times and take safety measures.

Healthcare applications have great potential but still a long way to go in order to earn the customer’s trust. The idea of reducing or completely removing the need for physical contact was re-born in the healthcare industry with the 2020 pandemic but even in times like this, it was not implemented entirely. When healthcare finally adopts AI it will change the way we receive our treatment and medicine prescriptions. The interesting fact is that according to Juniper Research the chatbots estimated cost savings is annually $3.8 billion in the healthcare field of work.

Another curious fact would be Google’s Deepening Health. Located in London, England Google’s DeepMind Health AI software is commonly used in many hospitals over the world in order to help patients for more efficient treatment and tests. The DeepMind technology is capable of combining, comparing, and analyzing symptoms in order to conclude significantly accurate diagnostics, but the human touch is always mandatory.

The Future of AI in Healthcare

Our best guess would be that AI is an important aspect and it plays a vital role in healthcare with his offerings in the future. Early efforts for implementation of AI in healthcare have proven significant benefits over the industry, considering that an extremely precision device can perfectly fit field of work that requires it. Driven by the great advances that AI is providing the healthcare industry including analysis, automatization, and speech the implementation has already started and great future innovations are expected.

The greatest challenge, however, that AI healthcare specialists are facing is the concern if the technology is capable enough and trustworthy to be allowed to decide life-saving matters. If we have to look into the future, these concerts could be overcome and AI will become important and beneficial in my healthcare activities.

You would like to find out more about the possibilities of AI and voice assistants in healthcare? Here is the link.

by Viktor Tomashakii
13. July 2020

The Next Step in Innovation of Voice Assistants

In this article we will take our best guess for the future of the voice assistants, having in mind the latest innovations in that field of work and what’s next. If we take into consideration the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the voice assistant may change the way we complete our daily tasks. First of all, let’s briefly explain what exactly voice assistants are for those of you that do not know what we will be discussing next.

You have probably heard of Siri or Alexa, which are basically an NLP software that is designed to help people with their daily struggles by communication in natural language. In general, your voice can trigger an action such as: “Siri set an alarm for 6:30 AM”. It is easy and pretty handy. Most of our smartphones already have these virtual voice assistants, and even if your phone does not have one, you can try Google’s voice assistant online. Now, since we have a better understanding of voice assistants, we will take a look at what is ahead of us.

The Future of Voice Assistants

Did you know that recently a South Korean voice recognition startup announced the English language for Postcube? It will be the next big thing in the world of voice assistants thanks to their software which will be specializing in specific industries. This way the voice assistants will be highly accurate when it comes to complicated subjects. Fortunately, a former employee is planning to hire 20+ Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts in 2021 in order to initiate the language introduction. Once finished Postcube will enter the voice recognition market and hopefully hit a revenue of $26.8+ billion by the end of 2025. In that regard, we should also mention the impact that COVID-19 inflicted on them. For example, the automotive voice assistance field of work suffered a financial crisis as well in 2020 due to production and supply chain issues. Furthermore, the outbreak of COVID-19 brought many side difficulties such as flight cancellations, quarantine, travel restrictions and other complications.

In that regard, we should also mention the impact that COVID-19 inflicted on them. For example, the automotive voice assistance field of work suffered a financial crisis as well in 2020 due to production and supply chain issues. Furthermore, the outbreak of COVID-19 brought many side difficulties such as flight cancellations, quarantine, travel restrictions and other complications.

On the other hand, the outbreak gave the opportunity to Satisfy Labs to introduce a whole platform dedicated to the pandemic. Its purpose is answering common COVID-19 questions and also providing useful safety recommendations. It was all possible to the Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with the voice assistant technology is the key to complete automation saving time, money, and most importantly helps people.

Voice Assistants as an Industry

No one would have thought that a pandemic will revolutionize the way we communicate with technology. For example, voice assistants will be implemented in many restaurants over the world so we do not touch tablets and have any contact. We will be able to make our order without having to browse in the menu that was exposed to many other hands. Event further restaurants could be 100% hands-free in the future. With voice assistants, this is easy to design and accessible for everyone. If we take into consideration the COVID-19 circumstances this is very likely to happen. Doors will open automatically, you will be able to pay with voice only and handwashing stations will be everywhere.

Our best guess is that at the places we eat, strict measures are going to be mandatory. Every aspect will be optimized with the help of voice assistants and the ventilation and air conditioning will be exceptional. We can be sure of one thing, restaurants of the future are coming soon and everything depends on how long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts. If the current pandemic circumstances last long, some of these extreme measures may be implemented long term and change the way we eat when outside.

Another aspect of our daily routine could change rapidly in the future. The grocery stores are a place when everyone is touching everything and the contamination of COVID-19 is hard. Extreme measures may be implemented with the help of voice assistants which will help customers make purchases without touching anything. You will be able to fill your cart with different kinds of products just with your voice. There is another scenario, again depending on the future pandemic circumstances. There is a possibility of complete home shopping.

Many industries recorded an increased level of online orders and a decrease in their physical facility sales. With voice, assistance will be possible to buy daily consumables from the nearest grocery store by just calling to a voice assistant that will initiate delivery to your door. The important aspect is to handle the customers quickly, safely, and efficiently. For the first time, we have such an advantage thanks to the voice assistant, which provides us with the ability to adapt in pandemic times and take safety measures.

Contactless payment is also another helpful aspect that could be extremely beneficial. Money is a great source of diseases and sometimes an infection is inevitable. Contactless payment will be a remarkable step forward for humanity, digitalizing the money and paying by our voices only will change the way and the security of your finances and most importantly help with the battle against the COVID-19.


The future is here, regardless of if we like it or not. Virtual assistants are a powerful tool that we have against unpredicted circumstances and it is the only way of achieving good and strong social distancing. Currently, there is a development of voice interface which will revolutionize and change the way of how we communicate with technology. With voice assistants innovation, daily tasks become easier and accessible for everyone.

You would like to find out more about the possibilities of voice assistants in different industries? Here is the link.

by Viktor Tomashakii
15. June 2020

Whether you like it or not, welcome to the new world!

Those who had hoped to be able to attend world-famous events, such as 2020 @TechCrunch Disrupt, will be delighted. Many, if not all, events scheduled for this year are now happening online. Read more here.

And this trend of digitalization can also be felt in the startup scene. The startups that rely on innovations receive more and more recognition and attention from the public. Here an example.

Whether this is good news or not, everyone has to decide for themselves. Meanwhile more and more people in Germany return back from home office and have to commute to work every day. In this situation it becomes clear that Public transport is the place where innovations are needed fast.

It is understandable that users are reluctant to squeeze into a crowded bus or subway. There, the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus increases. Of course, the processes of the ÖVP have to be digitized and the ÖVP itself also needs an update.

Of course, voice assistants can be one of the possible ways to bring those innovations. And in fact, there are already talks about such and other possibilities. For example during events hosted by @Chatbotsummit. Here is the link to the event.

by Viktor Tomashakii
25. May 2020

6 online events about AI and Voice Tech you need to see

In b2b world we got used to the luxury of traveling to a venue and take time to see each other and the latest technological developments.  

But right now, with social distancing in place, we find ourselves wondering whether the shows will actually take place. If yes, then how much value can we extract from the traditional offline world of trade fairs and summits.

And while we are waiting for the crisis to pass, we cannot help but wonder whether there is no other way to coup with the situation.  

Whether we like it or not, the world will never be the same and there also also benefits to that. We no longer need to travel hundreds and thousands of miles to attend an event and to meet new people and rebuild our networking skills. It may take some time, but we will get there.   

We at divvoice value the benefit of always being able to see the latest technological developments. Especially in times of the pandemic we keep exploring the exiting world of Informational Technologies. And that is why we composed a list of events that we take place in the online world that you might want to visit yourself:   


AI for Managers
This training is dedicated to managers with limited technical knowledge. It is designed to give the C-level managers a better understanding about artificial intelligence. The hosts will go through the AI transformation process and show a few tips on how to make the transformation easier. 


In the last decade, the chatbots have crossed the chasm of success.But now with the Worldwide Pandemic, this chasm has become much more challenging to reach. It is time for us as a society to prove the advantages of Conversational AI technology and to explain and educate the world how Conversational AI works. In the end it will help us resolve the many effects and threats of the pandemic. And this is what the hosts of Chatbotsummit are aiming towards.  

Applied AI Virtual Summit 2020
This conference tie together the newest technical developments as well as tangible explanations of how AI can be used to address market and social challenges. The exclusive mix of academics and industry enables you to meet AI leaders at the frontier of science, as well as analyze real-world case studies and uncover AI 's market benefit.  

VOICE Global
Join VOICE Global where visionary minds discuss everything from the new developments to how speech technology guides us in these difficult times. From HealthTech to gaming, VOICE Global brings a wealth of voice tech knowledge from around the world right to your screen. 


The IT-Days aim to be the only IT-Conference in the DACH-area to represent the entire spectrum of development, admin and management topics.

  • architecture & design,

  • microservices,

  • security,

  • data access and storage,

  • IT leadership,

  • performance and optimization via development of applications with Java,

  • . Net and app environments,

  • quality as well as system integration.

VentureBeat Transform 2020 - Accelerating Your Business With AI
Companies are investing in digital assistants, chat bots and NLP services to keep momentum with the change in communication trends, where individuals use voice and text with non-humans to communicate with companies at an unsurpassed amount. At VB Transform's Conversational AI Summit you may explore how businesses tackle these issues organizationally, through the different solutions and approaches they implement — for example, where they rely on third-party networks, and where they develop in-house. 

If you have any questions about real life implementation, feel free to contact us.

by Viktor Tomashakii
13. Mai 2020

Speak so I can see you

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already an integral part of our lives, even if it is often hidden. While we are far away from communicating with robots like with a real intelligent subject they (the robots) already passing cognitive test such as recognising themselves in a mirror.

Recent evidence suggests that self/other distinction will be a major breakthrough for improving interaction and might be the connection between low-level sensorimotor abilities and voluntary actions, or even abstract thinking.

But what does this mean to the world and especially for the businesses?

There has been strong concerns in many industries that AI will take over the workplace. The contact centre is a perfect example of this, with fears raised about tech, such as chat bots, replacing call agents. But as the technology matures, businesses are increasingly seeing more evidence of the value of a human-AI partnership approach to implementation.

AI can dramatically enhance contact centres through the use of machine learning. Voice transcription can be used to help agents find relevant articles during live calls rather than them having to search for them manually. Machine learning algorithms can be applied so the search capabilities become more accurate and faster over time.

It seems that Markus Söder, Bavarian Prime Minister has also big plans with the fast moving development of AI. In an Interview to FAZ he stated “I firmly believe that artificial intelligence, like any technical progress in history, will ultimately make life better, safer and more interesting.”

by Viktor Tomashakii
24. Apr. 2020

Application of Chatbots

AI chatbots are the latest technology and a new method to engage more customers in business. Good news – this topic now is gaining more and more traction. This is partly because the use of AI chatbots has seen a considerable growth due to the technologies that are being used by countries in an effort to fight the pandemic. The focus on chatbot development is part of a broader push for innovation in artificial intelligence. 

The scope of application of chatbots for business purposes includes messaging apps, company apps and websites, company internal platforms and customer service.

In case you would like to read more about the application of chatbots then follow this link where in an interview with perbit the CEO of Kauz GmbH gives a thorough explanation. 

We at divVoice also implement AI chatbots in our products, that is why we constantly monitor the dynamic on this market.

If you would like to find out more about chatbots and and the benefits this technology could bring to your business, then feel free to contact us. 

by Viktor Tomashakii
08. Apr. 2020

Innovation in the suppermarket

Here is a very interesting Article about  Signatrix  that the team of wrote. Here

We would like to add that we also have a solution for the same market:
Meet CARTIO , a shopping cart equipped with a voice assistance system, ensures that the customer immediately knows, where you can find the desired products, which recipes can best be prepared from the products and which promotion are now particularly interesting in this shop.
This device not only helps the customer to save time but also guarantees that the people keep distance from each other, if needed, like in times of  Covid-19.
Using frontier technology (AI and Voice Assistants) supermarkets can keep their employer and their customer safe. Many investors were already interested in divVoice products before the crisis. But now with the crisis comes the demand for technologies that help protect against germs and viruses.

Here  you can find more info about our products  

by Viktor Tomashakii
31. Mar. 2020

News about Digital Future

Digital Future - is the title of the new "Praxis Tipps" edition where you can also find an article about divVoice. ​
Here is a fragment: ​
"Nichts ist für den Menschen natürlicher, als zur Ausführung von Tätigkeiten die eigene Stimme zur Interaktion zu nutzen. Dank der fortschreitenden Technik können Sprachbefehle immer besser verstanden und Sprachassistenzsysteme intuitiver genutzt werden. Die Sprachsteuerung vereinfacht die Nutzung, beschleunigt Arbeitsprozesse und kann in einigen Bereichen auch zur Steigerung der Hygiene (z.B. in Küchen mittels berührungsloser Bedienung) beitrage." ​

by Viktor Tomashakii
16. Mar. 2020

Intergastra TNC​

Progressive minds are already speaking about integrating a sophisticated voice control system into gastronomy as a part of the digitalization. Yet how are we to cope with the technical difficulties and human reluctance to adapt innovations ? The answer to these and other questions you could have found at the Digital Day which was hosted by Michael Kuriat at the Intergastra2020

by Viktor Tomashakii
24. Feb. 2020


The 18.2.20 was all about digitization. During the Digital Day, Michael Kuriat, President of the Leaders Club Germany, led TNC Group. He opened the day with his lecture digitization in gastronomy - recognize new opportunities and successfully use. "Against this background, both gastronomy and the different providers of digital products, services and services presented your solutions for the future. On the stage were the Enchilada Group, Tobit.Software, Divvoice and gastromatic.

by Viktor Tomashakii
21. Feb. 2020

Live-Pitch at Intergastra

Daily new solutions and stimuli for the gastronomy and hotel industry are available during the trade fair days at the Food & Concept Court.
One of the companies on stage is divVoice, which specialises in innovative language assistance systems. divVoice has developed the world’s first AI-based language ordering system for guests in gastronomy, called Ordivia.​
This is a small device on the table with which any guest can order on his own. Orders are automatically recognized and sent to the service staff - to the service terminal or the mobile service app. From then on, each employee can accept and process the orders.​

by Viktor Tomashakii
16. Feb. 2020

#SolidEdge #CAD

The story of the launch divVoice and its product started with a restaurant visit. Dissatisfied with the slow service the idea arose: how much simpler and faster would it be if orders could be delivered automatically? Said, done - Alexander Schwarz, CEO of divVoice, develops an innovative voice ordering system that is already a full success in the gastronomy sector.

by Viktor Tomashakii
20. Nov. 2019

Future of communication between machine and people

The exchange of information between people and machines will increasingly take place via language in the future
...Our industry partners can integrate software technologies into their products in order to simplify their operation, make information intuitively available, and enable hands-free operation. However, we also address companies that embed our software in their own hardware and thus approach their industrial partners. An example of this is our cooperation with the company divVoice. Using ordivia it will introduce two products to the market, which will bring language assistance more into the industry and the franchise market -- with Fraunhofer technology on board.

by Viktor Tomashakii
15. Nov. 2019

Arbeit 4.0 erleben

Heute und morgen sind wir auf der Arbeit 4.0 erleben! im Ludwigforum vertreten. 👋​ ordivia (please link to kann auch hier wieder in lauter Umgebung auf Herz und Nieren getestet werden. Diesesmal in einem schicken neuen Design mit größerem Display für eine noch bessere Nutzerfreundlichkeit.​ So macht bestellen noch mehr Spaß! 🍻

06. Nov. 2019

Digital X in Köln

Die DigitalX 2019 ist vorüber und wir haben uns sehr gefreut #dabei zu sein!

Unser CEO Alexander Schwarz hielt einen spannenden Vortrag über Sprachassistenzsysteme am 1. Tag der Messe, der den Besuchern in Erinnerung blieb, sodass sie auch am 2. Tag zu uns an den Stand kamen! :-)

Vielen Dank, das Ihr uns gezeigt habt, das wir auf dem richtigen Weg sind. Das große Interesse an unseren Systemen motiviert uns weiterhin in der Entwicklung und Optimierung und ist für uns ein großartiger Jahresendspurt!

Vielen Dank an die Deutsche Telekom und das Telekom TechBoost Team sowie alle Partner für eine super Veranstaltung und die weitere Unterstützung vorort! 🎆🍾

Wir freuen uns auf die #digitalx 2020! 🚀🎊 💯

01. Nov. 2019

Digital X in Köln

Besucht uns auf unserem Stand auf der Digital-X 2019 in Köln. Wir präsentieren euch das weltweit erste Sprachbestellsystem für die Gastronomie und unser modulares Sprachassistenten als Einbaumodul für Gerätehersteller. Gemeinsam mit dem techboost freuen wir uns auf eine tolle Messe.

Vom 29. bis zum 30. Oktober 2019 in der Koelnmesse in Köln

01. Sep. 2019

Open Innovation Days 2019

Auch diese Woche waren wir Gast bei einem ganz besonderen Event in der telekomdesigngallery. Beim 2nd Open Innovation Day for Future Food powered by Sodexo konnten die Gäste am Ende des Abends bei leckeren Cocktails den Tag ausklingen lassen! Bestellt werden konnten diese natürlich nur mit Hilfe unseres Bestellassistenten. In diesem Sinne: „Miga einen Mojito und einmal den El Presidente bitte!“ Cheers und vielen Dank an Sodexo und alle Mitwirkenden! Wir freuen uns, dass wir unser System vor so tollen anderen Startups wie zum Beispiel und hellofreshde präsentieren durften!
In der Telekom Design Gallery in Bonn

29. Sep. 2019