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From high-quality recording, low-latency and intelligent real-time processing to individually optimized playback

Digital audio signal processing has become an omnipresent and indispensable element of acoustics. Sound events are recorded in high quality and with low noise using efficient hardware and focused on the target signal by intelligent processing strategies. Subsequently, modern processing algorithms can be applied, which use methods from the field of artificial intelligence to classify sound characteristics and fields with respect to their semantic content – for example for speech recognition. In the same way, a suitably designed preprocessing before sound generation via a specific acoustic transducer can optimize the final reproduction of the sound and thus the experience of the receiver for the best possible speech intelligibility and pleasantness. We are happy to support these topics for individual setups / systems with specially designed hardware and low-latency, computationally efficient software.

Portfolio Audio Signal Processing

Digitization of acoustic signals:

  • Be it speech or any other target signal – we assist in the perceptual latency-free digitization of airborne sound events in highest quality by clever interaction of hardware and software components.
  • Spacial Focusing – We assist in the design, layout and implementation of multi-channel transducer strategies for spatial filtering and preparation for beamforming, as well as dynamic sound source localization.

Sound generation:

  • By suitable optimization of the digitally available acoustic signal to be reproduced, its characteristics can be changed by a specific acoustic transducer in the listener in such a way that, for example, speech intelligibility is optimized.
  • Spacial Focusing – By suitable arrangement of several sound conversion components, a spatial focusing of the generated sound events can be realized simultaneously to the beamforming approach.

High quality, low latency and efficient pre and post processing of audio signals:

  • Suppression of low-frequency interfering signals and DC components
  • Intelligent, dynamic real-time control of signal pre-amplification to optimize the amplitude and dynamic range of the target signal
  • Acoustic Echo Cancelation (AEC) for systems that record and play back simultaneously
  • Late Echo Suppression (LES)
  • Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Spacial separation of sound events through dynamic beamforming strategies
  • Audio Quality Enhancement through equalizing, compression, gate
  • Sound and function assurance through the use of intelligent and dynamically operating monitoring and limiting algorithms

Your Use-Case, our engine:

If you are explicitly interested in our processing strategies, we look forward to a personal conversation with you, in which we will gladly give you deep insights into our philosophies and strategies for generating the optimal acoustic signal for your application.

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