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From concept to integration

A successful integration of a voice assistant into your device or application requires several steps. In the beginning there is an elaborated concept, which is the result of a detailed analysis. Afterwards a needs assessment is made and the subsequent development work begins.

divVoice supports you in the selection and development of necessary software and hardware for the realization of specific voice assistants. From the preliminary analysis, to the determination of requirements, creation of an integration concept, configuration of the hardware, integration and implementation of required software, construction of a prototype, up to the integration into your target product.

Creation of integration concepts

We are happy to support you in your project and create integration concepts for the implementation of your voice assistant.

  • Analysis of the requirements
  • Consulting on technical feasibility
  • Determination of necessary data protection requirements
  • Potential determination for the desired project
  • Integration of existing components
  • Determination of the required hardware and software
  • Creation of integration concepts


Implementation of required software

We support you in your project and take over parts or the entire implementation of the necessary software to realize your voice assistant.

  • Configuration of the microphone array
  • Determination of the required software for a voice assistant
  • Integration of the selected software
  • Configuration and domain-specific training of the speech recognition systems
  • Implementation of interfaces to the target device or application
  • Configuration of the embidio Dashboard to control and manage the modules