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From idea to full-scale production

divVoice supports you in the development and integration of voice control systems for your products – from planning to market-ready series production.

We offer you a modular hardware solution in the form of a building block system. This can be configured and positioned in any way you like, allowing a high degree of flexibility for the integration into your existing as well as new product ideas.

Development service based on the embidio hardware

Concept development

As development work, we offer you the configuration, adaptation and integration of the hardware into your products. We offer the following services

  • Determination of the requirements and the necessary amount of microphones
  • Determination of the suitable embidio version
  • Integration of existing equipment or system components
  • Component selection and evaluation
  • Construction and integration of a prototype
  • Testing and taking measurements (on site if desired)
  • Adaptation and optimization of embidio hardware

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