Hardware for next generation voice assistants

Embidio Hardware allows you to develop your own voice assistant. The modularity of the hardware makes it easy for you to configure it to the requirements of the environment and the target product.


small but excellent

embidio small can be integrated into systems that already have their own user interface and voice processing. Thus you can reduce your production costs considerably and quickly and easily connect a voice assistant to your interfaces.


The connected sound module

embidio large is the extension of embidio small. It offers additional connection possibilities for a display output and thus enables to equip products with a voice assistant, which have been operated so far only locally and without connection to the internet.

How can we assist you?


Would you like a consultation on the selection of suitable components for your products or ideas? Or a consultation regarding suitable suppliers for language assistants?


Do you need development support for the creation of suitable integration concepts or for the implementation of necessary software components?

Additional products for embidio hardware

EMBIDIO Dashboard

The platform for optimizing the digitization of your company with the help of voice assistants.

The embidio Dashboard provides a central platform for APIs and integrations that allows you to connect and optimize all your apps, data and devices.

It can run locally, in the cloud and in hybrid configurations.