The management platform for voice assistants

The embidio Dashboard is an admin web interface designed for voice assistants.

It simplifies the configuration of your voice assistants and with the help of numerous tools you can remotely control, monitor and analyze your voice assistants.

The advantages of the Dashboard are among others a reduced development time, an easier operation and minimized maintenance costs.

Manage your devices from anywhere!

Analysis and Information

Intelligent management system with operating status recording

The concise overview enables you to manage your devices via one platform. This makes it possible to monitor the status of your devices live without interruption and you can react quickly to changes.


Everything at a glance

With the help of extensive data acquisition and graphical representations, you have all relevant information about your devices available in real time.

Customizable graphics and configurable automatic monitoring systems open up numerous possibilities for you to continuously monitor your devices and avoid operating failures. Thus you always receive the best service for your devices.

Remote control

From LED control to updates

The simple and intuitive remote access allows full control of your IoT devices. You can also control the devices via shortcuts and perform functional tests.


Create and manage apps

Create your own applications and play them remotely on all your devices. Thanks to the integrated update function, the devices always have the latest software version. The update function can be used automatically or manually.

Voice Assistants

Optimization for voice assistants

Thanks to the integration of third-party software solutions, you can select and integrate the appropriate speech recognition & dialog system software for your applications.

The integrated Artificial Intelligence supports transcription and training of the received audio files.

Your advantages at a glance

Resource Efficiency

The embidio dashboard supports the implementation of resource efficiency in the company

Business Analytics

Discover, analyze and evaluate a large number of resource-related key figures. Implement resource efficiency measures

IoT & Cloud

Connect and control all devices and systems in a secure cloud, thanks to remote access

Machine Learning & AI

Automated data analysis for your company: Prediction, detection and notification of status changes, rapid intervention in anomalies


Creating user accounts, configuring the software and connecting the products to a WiFi network or cellular network in just a few simple steps

Time and cost efficiency

Modularity reduces development time and shortens your time-to-market through rapid prototyping and testing of your ideas


Test and use different interface elements that you can individually combine to create a practical GUI for your products and projects

Supported platforms and systems

Services & Pricing


  • Device Management
  • 2 devices
  • Remote access and command execution
  • Visualization


per month
  • Device Management
  • Device Updates
  • 10 devices
  • Remote access and command execution
  • Visualization
  • Collect and evaluate data


* 100 on request
  • Device Management
  • Device Updates
  • 100 devices
  • Remote access and command execution
  • Visualization
  • Security
  • Collect and analyze data