divVoice – Your Inovative Voice Assistants Developer Partner

divVoice develops, produces and manufactures voice assistants individually adapted to your needs. So that you can make effective use of both your existing products and innovative ideas for the future. You gain a technological advantage through ongoing support and benefit from effective implementation.

As a developer and manufacturer of voice assistants for professional use, divVoice offers you a comprehensive solution that is suitable for the different needs of your devices.

Thus divVoice brings voice assistants to the industry and stands for a future of secure and smooth communication between man and machine.

Solutions for your applications

EMBIDIO Hardware

Modular hardware components for your devices

The embidio hardware is a versatile installation module for your devices and systems. The modular hardware with powerful signal processing methods can be assembled individually for your requirements and wishes.

The embidio hardware enables you to easily integrate a robust and powerful voice assistant, which extends the functional range of your IoT devices and increases usability. Realizable thanks to the flexible microphone integration in the target devices.

EMBIDIO Dashboard

Web interface for your voice assistants

The Dashboard is an admin web interface designed specifically for voice assistants. It allows you to configure the speech recognition and dialog system software and much more in your voice assistants.

With numerous tools you can remotely control, live monitor and analyze your devices.

The embidio dashboard reduces the configuration time of the individual third-party software components, facilitates your operation of the spatially distributed assistants and optimizes your service costs.


The ready-to-use modules for your projects

Embidio systems are fully functional voice assistants, based on the embidio hardware and networked with the embidio dashboard.

Different variants with different configurations allow a wide range of applications and simplify product development and pilot tests. Thus, they form a good basis for individual development and optimization of own ideas and applications.

Your advantages with divVoice


Consulting and concept development for the necessary hardware and software for integration into your products.

Time advantage

Fast adaptation of existing modular hardware for integration into your products and innovative advantage over the competition.


Optimization of existing systems and prototyping to reliable series production.


The modular hardware and software can be easily and flexibly adapted to each of your existing and new products.

Use cases