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Whether you like it or not, welcome to the new world!

Those who had hoped to be able to attend world-famous events, such as 2020 @TechCrunch Disrupt, will be delighted. Many, if not all, events scheduled for this year are now happening online. Read more here. And this trend of digitalization can also be felt in the startup scene. The startups that rely on innovations receive...

Scienties with a assistant robot

Speak so I can see you

In conclusion, it seems that Markus Söder, Bavarian Prime Minister has also big plans with the fast moving development of AI. In an Interview to FAZ he stated “I firmly believe that


Future of communication between machine and people

The exchange of information between people and machines will increasingly take place via language in the future …Our industry partners can integrate software technologies into their products in order to simplify their operation, make information intuitively available, and enable hands-free operation. However, we also address companies that embed our software in their own hardware and...