6 online events about AI and Voice Tech you need to see

6 online events about AI and Voice Tech you need to see

In b2b world we got used to the luxury of traveling to a venue and take time to see each other and the latest technological developments.

But right now, with social distancing in place, we find ourselves wondering whether the shows will actually take place. If yes, then how much value can we extract from the traditional offline world of trade fairs and summits.

And while we are waiting for the crisis to pass, we cannot help but wonder whether there is no other way to coup with the situation.

Whether we like it or not, the world will never be the same and there also also benefits to that. We no longer need to travel hundreds and thousands of miles to attend an event and to meet new people and rebuild our networking skills. It may take some time, but we will get there.

We at divVoice value the benefit of always being able to see the latest technological developments. Especially in times of the pandemic we keep exploring the exiting world of Informational Technologies. And that is why we composed a list of events that we take place in the online world that you might want to visit yourself:

AI for Managers
This training is dedicated to managers with limited technical knowledge. It is designed to give the C-level managers a better understanding about artificial intelligence. The hosts will go through the AI transformation process and show a few tips on how to make the transformation easier.

In the last decade, the chatbots have crossed the chasm of success.But now with the Worldwide Pandemic, this chasm has become much more challenging to reach. It is time for us as a society to prove the advantages of Conversational AI technology and to explain and educate the world how Conversational AI works. In the end it will help us resolve the many effects and threats of the pandemic. And this is what the hosts of Chatbotsummit are aiming towards.

Applied AI Virtual Summit 2020
This conference tie together the newest technical developments as well as tangible explanations of how AI can be used to address market and social challenges. The exclusive mix of academics and industry enables you to meet AI leaders at the frontier of science, as well as analyze real-world case studies and uncover AI ’s market benefit.

VOICE Global
Join VOICE Global where visionary minds discuss everything from the new developments to how speech technology guides us in these difficult times. From HealthTech to gaming, VOICE Global brings a wealth of voice tech knowledge from around the world right to your screen.

The IT-Days aim to be the only IT-Conference in the DACH-area to represent the entire spectrum of development, admin and management topics.

  • architecture & design,
  • microservices,
  • security,
  • data access and storage,
  • IT leadership,
  • performance and optimization via development of applications with Java,
  • . Net and app environments,
  • quality as well as system integration.

VentureBeat Transform 2020 – Accelerating Your Business With AI
Companies are investing in digital assistants, chat bots and NLP services to keep momentum with the change in communication trends, where individuals use voice and text with non-humans to communicate with companies at an unsurpassed amount. At VB Transform’s Conversational AI Summit you may explore how businesses tackle these issues organizationally, through the different solutions and approaches they implement — for example, where they rely on third-party networks, and where they develop in-house.

If you have any questions about real life implementation, feel free to contact us.