Scienties with a assistant robot

Speak so I can see you

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already an integral part of our lives, even if it is often hidden. While we are far away from communicating with robots like with a real intelligent subject they (the robots) already passing cognitive test such as recognising themselves in a mirror.

Recent evidence suggests that self/other distinction will be a major breakthrough for improving interaction and might be the connection between low-level sensorimotor abilities and voluntary actions, or even abstract thinking.

But what does this mean to the world and especially for the businesses?

There has been strong concerns in many industries that AI will take over the workplace. The contact centre is a perfect example of this, with fears raised about tech, such as chat bots, replacing call agents. But as the technology matures, businesses are increasingly seeing more evidence of the value of a human-AI partnership approach to implementation.

Moreover, AI can dramatically enhance contact centres through the use of machine learning. Voice transcription can be used to help agents find relevant articles during live calls rather than them having to search for them manually. Machine learning algorithms can be applied so the search capabilities become more accurate and faster over time.

In conclusion, it seems that Markus Söder, Bavarian Prime Minister has also big plans with the fast moving development of AI. In an Interview to FAZ he stated “I firmly believe that artificial intelligence, like any technical progress in history, will ultimately make life better, safer and more interesting.”

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