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Innovation in the shopping experience (voice assistant)

Here is a very interesting Article about  Signatrix  that the team of wrote here

We would like to add that we also have a solution for the same market:
Meet  CARTIO , a shopping cart equipped with a voice assistance system, ensures that the customer immediately knows, where you can find the desired products, which recipes can best be prepared from the products and which promotion are now particularly interesting in this shop.
This device not only helps the customer to save time but also guarantees that the people keep distance from each other, if needed, like in times of Covid-19.
Using frontier technology (AI and Voice Assistants) supermarkets can keep their employer and their customer safe. Many investors were already interested in divVoice products before the crisis. But now with the crisis comes the demand for technologies that help protect against germs and viruses.

Here  you can find more info about our products